Pain has been a constant companion to me. I know it well. It has been with me since the day I was in a bicycle accident that severely injured my lower back.  I was 13.

The pain had some companions that were called numbness, tingling, radiating, dull, sharp, breathtaking.  So I had a lot of company growing up and living life as we all do. It was only when I got injured again working in a very large shipping company that I began a new journey that I have been on for the last 22 years.  The second injury took me through a few doctors that quickly proclaimed I was going to be in a wheelchair later in life and that I should take bigger and bigger doses of medication to get through the day. My inner spirit rebelled.

Its funny how people are put into our lives for a reason or for just a season.  One such person was a Japanese exchange student who told me to go see Dr. Ted Conger, a Chiropractor.

I did not know anything about Chiropractic and was not friendly towards doctors but at this man’s urging I went to see Dr. Conger.  He examined me, understood me, listened to me, taught me about my body and then started to actually help me and I started to get better.  This infused me with a new and powerful passion for life. Hope fueled my healing. I started to watch Dr. Conger working with patients and I saw how amazing the human body is and how it always wants to heal. All Dr. Conger had to do was, with each patient, facilitate and assist the body’s efforts to heal itself. There was nothing magical about Dr. Conger. He was there to serve.

I saw people heal, I saw people with horrible health concerns that were incurable still have an increase in the quality of their lives. They began to stop seeing themselves as sick but rather as powerful people that can choose to live despite the obstacles.  I realized that here was a place where I could serve my fellow man, woman and child. I could help, lift up, and alleviate their pain and challenges as much as each patient allowed me to. I could, with God’s grace and help, be a part of changing someone’s life.

I went to school in Iowa, Palmer Chiropractic College, where Chiropractic was developed over a hundred years ago.  The education was intense and powerful but it has been a blessing to me and patients ever since. I have been humbled by the miracles that I have been blessed to be a part of, always giving all the credit to God above and to the miracle of the human body.

I have seen hope reignite in the eyes of the patients.  I have seen people that were severely handicapped have a better quality of life and I have been taught that it is not what happens to us, or what we are given in life that determines us. It is what we do with it. How we take that challenge, however huge it is, and use it to live anyway, to succeed, to grow and to be grateful for what we have because there is always someone who has challenges that seem way worse than what we have to deal with.

I am Dr Brendon Gibb. Chiropractor.  I serve people. It is what I do and why I am here.  I am committed to always doing my best to help another feel and function better.  To tell them that there is hope and that they are still in control and can make choices that make a difference. That all is not lost.

That TODAY is the DAY.