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Travis Mowery NMD

Dr. Travis Mowery is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona.  He is trained in western, eastern, and naturopathic medicine and specializes in helping people reclaim their health through the least invasive and most natural means possible. He believes the body is designed to self-heal. When it isn’t doing it’s job, there are obstacles preventing healing from occurring or tools that are deficient in the system. Just like adjusting bones into their proper positions can help remove the physical obstacles causing inflammation and preventing proper nerve communication and blood circulation leading to the body being able to self-heal, there are also chemical, mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual obstacles and deficiencies that also are preventing the body from self-healing. Dr. Mowery is an expert in identifying the root causes of disease and resolving them by treating the health of the body instead of focusing on treating the symptoms of disease. 


Gilbert Family Medicine

Serving the East Valley for over a decade, our combined experience of over 100 yrs allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive, pro-active and patient centered care possible. We believe in the concept of  a “Patient Centered Medical Home”. That term defines our idea of patient care as, “A Seamless continuum of care,” from the time you become a patient here. The office promises to be your health care advocate and to partner with you concerning your health care choices.