Frequently Asked Questions


I have a history of surgical implants in my neck and lower back can I be treated by Dr. Gibb?

I am very afraid of being hurt.

Dr. Gibb and his team have had almost 20 years of serving and caring for people who have had extensive surgical histories or bad accidents. These are happy patients who need, and get, a special touch so that they get better, stay better and feel safe along the way.


Do you treat children and how young and why would you treat a child?

The youngest children Dr Gibb has treated have been his own at a few minutes post birth trauma. His youngest patient has been a few days old. Babies and children often experience birth trauma that is easily corrected with light touch chiropractic treatments. There is no neck twisting. Babies and young children get dropped, fall or get played with too hard by other children and need occasional care as a result. Chiropractic has been successful in treating colic, constipation concerns and much more because if a nerve is pinched that goes to an organ like the bowel, for example, then the child’s bowel does not function well.


How quickly does a person get better?

First we get rid of the pain for our patient and the relief usually starts right away. As soon as the pain goes down we focus on healing then strengthening the area so the pain does not come right back. Muscles heal in days, and ligaments can take months to heal. Bad habits the patient has may take up to 90 days to fix. We train all our patients to see where they are getting into trouble at home and work and support them like coaches so that the relief we get is long term. Each patient is a little different but we see huge success.


Do you do walk in appointments?

Yes, if we are busy we will still fit you in. We will do what we can so that you do not have to wait too long but its best to make an appointment so we have the best time for you reserved. Please call 480 558 0474 to make the appointment.


Do you accept most major insurances?

Yes, we do. We always check your insurance for you as a courtesy to you and then let you know what they told us. Please note: It's always good to know your own insurance benefits as sometimes doctors are told incorrect information by the insurance companies. If we are out of network or your benefits are so bad that you have high deductibles or copayments please know we will work with you and the doctor will go over all costs before you begin care.


I have been in a car accident or hurt on the job, what happens?

Usually you are not responsible for paying for your care but there is some paperwork that needs to be done. We will go over what needs to happen so that you have less stress dealing with the car insurance companies or the government.


Do you only treat neck, lower back, and mid back?

No. We treat the whole body and help, amoungst others, carpal tunnel, headaches, knee, hip and ankle injuries and much more.


Do you have family plans?

Yes, we have ways for families and individuals to afford the care they need.


Do I only get chiropractic care?

No. You have access to what meets your body’s needs. In addition to training programs, nutritional programs, dietary plans, home exercise rehab, there is the chiropractic services, massage and more. You may need all we have to offer to get well or only one of the many services we offer.